Friday, May 8, 2009

I love you and miss you. Are you ok?

As I was getting Josh to bed, which he did not want to do, I asked him if there was something that he would like me to type to you tonight and above is what he said. Then he said, "well, I love you and miss you in one sentence and 'are you ok?' in another." When I asked if there was anything else, he said "No, but can I sleep over there where that blanket is?" as he points to the blanket that is on the floor on your side of the bed (the extra warm blanket that I tossed off the bed when it warmed up again). So I told him that he needed to go get his pillow and when he came back I just asked him if he would like to sleep in your spot... He jumped at that! So he is tucked in up there, hopefully when I am ready for bed there will be room for me!

This is the start of an e-mail that I just finished writing my hubby who left last Friday. One week, it seems like it has been for ever at times, then there the times that it seems like he is just at work and will be home in the morning. O he will be home, before we know it, we will look back and say "see, it wasn't that bad, really." But before that times comes we will have our ups and our downs, we will be happy and sad, we may cry, we will laugh and we will for sure miss him. But see we can do it, we can. We have done it before and we will do it again. Our love will grow stronger each and every time and we will find strength that we didn't know was there.

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