Saturday, July 25, 2009

Almost home.

Well, the time is finally here! The day my love is to come home! We are all so ready to see him and can't wait. So we will keep busy to help pass the time and soon we will have Daddy back into the house! But till then, we will call and check the updates on what time the plane is to land, we will finish getting things done around the house and we will wait. See, the military does it's best to get the troops where they say they are to be at the right time, but as of now, the time has already changed a couple of times! I do think it will probably change again, but all that is A OK with me as I know that they are on their way and soon we will see all the uniformed troops walk off the plane and into their loved ones waiting arms! The count down is on, it's hours now not days or months!

God Bless America and please watch over our troops in their travels!

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