Thursday, July 2, 2009

He is so sweet...

Today I was going to take a nap. I was just relaxed and just about ready to fall asleep when I hear the doorbell ring and the kids go wild. They want to know if they can see who it is. I say go ahead and head downstairs and Carly is saying "Look, I think it's more flowers! But that is a different flower box!" She is bringing it in and so I help her out... this looks good! We take it to the kitchen and open it up to find these wonderful looking strawberries! Talk about good! They are so tasty! At first I thought they were way to pretty to eat... but had to dig in and so glad that I did! Yummmmm! My husband is just amazing and I thank him for this and everything else he does for me! I love him so!

Here are the flowers that were delivered yesterday, on our 14th anniversary! They are so pretty and smell o-so good! My hubby is good to me! He is so wonderful!

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  1. The flowers are awesome, i love the red/purple combo! And the strawberries are so extravagant, all the different toppings. YUM!